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20 lb Propane Tank

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists primarily of propane and butane. It is used for a heat source as well as for many other personal uses. In order to keep this product a liquid, it must be stored under pressure in a cylinder or tank. If the liquid is not pressurized, it becomes a gas and creates a risk of explosion. A 20lb propane tank is commonly used with gas grills, camp trailers and to power small forklifts. Tanks, bottles or cylinder may be made of steel, fiberglass, composite or aluminum. They are required to meet standards for certification and must be inspected once every twelve years after the date of manufacture.

20 lb Propane Tank Weight

The 20lb propane tank will hold 20 pounds of product when filled. An empty cylinder weighs about eighteen pounds if empty. Sometimes bottles are listed with a WCW, or water capacity weight. The 20 pound bottle would then weigh about 48 pounds.

Dimensions of a 20 lb Propane Tank

Most 20lb propane tank are 18 inches in height. For the tank to function correctly, it must remain upright. Thus, tanks are not to be laid on the side when in use for grills or other outdoor appliances. The diameter of the tank is just over a foot. It has an inter capacity of approximately 4.7 gallons.

20 lb propane tankLength of Use

The length of use refers to the amount of time a tank can reasonably be used before it becomes empty again. Owners need a couple of factors to calculate the length of use. He first is the number of BTU contained in the bottle. Twenty pounds of propane produces 430,270 BTU or heat or energy. The second factor can be found on the device being operated. If, for example, a grill operates at 40,000 BTU per hour, it will expend the filled tank of gas in 10-11 hours, if it operates at full capacity.

Many propane appliances are sold with an empty cylinder. If the appliance does not have a cylinder, the 20lb propane tank can often be purchased at home improvement stores or other retail outlets. Many service stations now sell tanks that are prefilled with LP gas. This allows the customer to trade in his or her empty cylinder for a filled one. If the customer does not have an empty bottle, he or she is charged a deposit for the new one.

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