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500 Gallon Propane Tanks

The larger sized propane tanks are designed to hold the fuel that will be used by a home. These units include the 500 gallon propane tank designed to fuel appliances such as washers, dryers and stoves.

The big five hundred gallon tank is also used in industrial settings. Companies that require high amounts of heat to process certain substances such as tar, can use this type of fuel.

When the tank is going to be used in a residential area there are certain regulations, which need to be adhered to. These regulations are set forth by OSHA to maintain certain levels of safety. The following guidelines need to be considered before installing any tank in a residential area.

* Limits on Distance

The OSHA guidelines indicate that a tank needs to be a certain distance from the exterior wall of the building. For a unit that holds five hundred gallons, the distance needs to be a minimum of ten feet. Tanks that hold between five and two thousand gallons need to be even further away from the building, with the recommended distance being twenty-five feet. These recommendations are for units designed to be installed above ground. The measurements change when the tank is going to be placed under ground.

* Limits for Property Lines

There are also restrictions on how close a tank can be to a property line. The larger capacity tanks cannot be closer than twenty-five feet to any surrounding property lines. Every city government will have its own regulations and codes, residents need to adhere to when placing items within their property. People should check with their government to see what restrictions might apply.

* Multiple Tanks

If more than one tank is used on a property, the OSHA guidelines can affect how close these units can be to each other.